Qualification for NIGHT rating

Not only daylight flying, but also night flights have something in common. Do not miss the opportunity to fly at any time and qualify for night flights and landings according to navigation devices within our course. And what awaits you?

Price without VAT
29000,- Kč

The requirements for the student are as follows:

You hold a valid PPL or LAPL pilot license.

You have a valid medical certificate of eligibility of at least II. class.

You have a radio operator's license.


The process of the course

Practical training lasts a total of 5 hours. First, you complete the necessary ground handling before the night flight. In the second part, it is about the flight instruction itself. An important note is that the NIGHT qualification is entered in the pilot license by the Civil Aviation Authority. All you have to do is provide documents on the course, and there is no need to pass a theoretical or practical exam.


Practical part therfore includes:

Night area flight practice with the flight instructor

Night takeoff and landing practice with the flight instructor

Night solo takeoff and landings

Night navigaton flight practice with the flight instructor

Our Team

We are united together mainly by years of experience, but also by the fact that we still enjoy flying immensely. We are professionals for whom flying is also a hobby. We measure our experience not only by the number of hours flown, but mainly by the ability to provide you with all the information and tips we have about aircraft and flying. In the beginning, everyone needs a helping hand. And that's why we're here.