Piper PA28

Our Piper PA-28 belongs to a family of proven aircraft, the development of which began in the 60s. It is the most popular four-seater touring and sports aircraft in the world. 30,000 pieces were produced in various variations and performance versions, and one of them, namely the Piper PA-28 Archer type, also belongs to our fleet. It has IFR equipment and thanks to the rich glazing there is a great view from the cabin. This will be appreciated by both certification applicants and the public on sightseeing flights. An undeniable advantage is also the ability to start from short grass fields..

To experience the feeling when you peel off the ground and head somewhere upwards is simply beautiful. Suddenly, everything gains a  different perspective and you will see in full beauty everything that lies at your feet. Nature, monuments, cities, there are many possibilities. Tempting, don't you think? Therefore, do not hesitate and give yourself or your loved ones a gift voucher for a unique experience - a sightseeing flight over the countryside. Just choose the right length, and then just look forward to seeing the world from a bird's eye view.