Cruiser PS-28Glass cockpit

The single-engine, two-seater, three-wheeled PS-28 Cruiser is a close relative of the Sport Cruiser, with which it shares similar flight characteristics and dimensions. However, the improvement lies in the richer instrumentation and RTC certification. Thanks to this, this nice machine can also be used for teaching pilots in the PPL (A) category (which must also be owned for piloting this aircraft independently), or for sightseeing flights.

To experience the feeling when you peel off the ground and head somewhere upwards is simply beautiful. Suddenly, everything gains a  different perspective and you will see in full beauty everything that lies at your feet. Nature, monuments, cities, there are many possibilities. Tempting, don't you think? Therefore, do not hesitate and give yourself or your loved ones a gift voucher for a unique experience - a sightseeing flight over the countryside. Just choose the right length, and then just look forward to seeing the world from a bird's eye view.