Sightseeing flights

To experience the feeling when you peel off the ground and head somewhere upwards is simply beautiful. Suddenly, everything gains a different perspective and you will see in full beauty everything that lies at your feet. Nature, monuments, cities, there are many possibilities. Tempting, don't you think? Therefore, do not hesitate and give yourself or your loved ones a gift voucher for a unique experience - a sightseeing flight over the countryside. Just choose the right length, and then just look forward to seeing the world from a bird's eye view.

20 minutes flight

The basic variant of our gift voucher includes a 20-minute flight through the countryside. During it, you will experience the excitement of flying in a small but agile and safe aircraft, and look around more or less distant surroundings. An experienced pilot will answer all your questions and will be fully dedicated to you throughout the flight. You will explore the surrounding landscape and get a unique experience.

Letadlo Piper PA28 (1 place)2999,- Kč
Letadlo Cruiser PS28 (3 places)1999,- Kč

40 minutes flight

The Golden Middle Way, or a 40-minute gift voucher in the clouds. Get to know the world a little better from above and experience what it's like to fly a little longer and a little further. As in other cases, you can rely on the comment of an experienced pilot and, in case of good visibility, unobstructed distant views. In two or even three, it's always worth it

Letadlo Piper PA28 (1 place)4999,- Kč
Letadlo Cruiser PS28 (3 places)2999,- Kč

60 minutes flight

A variant of a 60-minute flight is prepared for true aviation fans. Enjoy an hour high above the ground and fly with an experienced pilot over more distant places of your choice. Enjoy views of places you may know well from a whole new perspective. And who knows, maybe the sunset in the cockpit of the plane is waiting for you. And that's really something.

Letadlo Piper PA28 (1 place)5999,- Kč
Letadlo Cruiser PS28 (3 places)3999,- Kč

Become a pilot for a while

Have you completed a sightseeing flight and are you sorry that you did not try to fly for at least a while? Don't despair, every wish has a solution. Come and sit in the cabin with us and try cruising the skies for a while with the assistance of an experienced professional. We guarantee that the excitement of such an experience will be with you for a long time. And who knows, maybe we motivate you to become a professional.

Letadlo Piper PA28 (1 place)4800,- Kč

Flight gift vouchers

Make yourself or anyone happy with an original gift in the form of a gift voucher to us at the Keep Flying flight school. We offer several packages, which can be adapted to your requirements by individual agreement so that you can provide a truly unforgettable experience for the recipient. The voucher also serves as a ticket and a memorial to the time spent in the clouds.

Our Team

We are united together mainly by years of experience, but also by the fact that we still enjoy flying immensely. We are professionals for whom flying is also a hobby. We measure our experience not only by the number of hours flown, but mainly by the ability to provide you with all the information and tips we have about aircraft and flying. In the beginning, everyone needs a helping hand. And that's why we're here.