Improving flying in bad weather condition

The aim of this course is to teach you how to handle complicated situations where, for example, the pilot loses orientation due to bad weather. As part of an individual, specially designed course conducted on a mobile FNTP II simulator, under the guidance of experts, you will learn habits for better handling of just such situations. If interested, this training can also be conducted in English (in case of a crisis situation abroad).

Price without VAT
13200,- Kč

The theoretical segment of the course includes:

Prevention of flight in bad weather (navigation preparation, evaluation of meteorological situation)

Analysis of accidents related to flight to bad weather

Instrument options of aircraft

Own procedures in IMC

The practical part of the course includes a simulated flight on a simulator. It is mobile and fully mimics the weather conditions and instrumentation of the aircraft. For example, you can try the Instrument Approach (ILS) with an overcast cloud 200 feet above the ground. In the theoretical part you work for 2 hours as a co-pilot and try communication and control of devices. You will then fly the next two hours in the role of chief pilot.

Our Team

We are united together mainly by years of experience, but also by the fact that we still enjoy flying immensely. We are professionals for whom flying is also a hobby. We measure our experience not only by the number of hours flown, but mainly by the ability to provide you with all the information and tips we have about aircraft and flying. In the beginning, everyone needs a helping hand. And that's why we're here.