IR instrument flight rating

Safe mastery of the instruments is crucial for every pilot. By earning an IR qualification, you demonstrate the ability to fly according to instruments. In addition, our IR training is conducted on the basis of personal qualifications, thanks to which full-fledged IR certification can be achieved under more favorable conditions. Therefore, if you have completed the Instrument Flight Basics module or hold a CPL (A) rating, the total hourly range of the module course can be reduced to 40 hours.

Price without VAT
227500,- Kč

The requirements for the student are as follows:

Age at least 18 years and possession of a valid radio operator's license.


Currently valid medical fitness assessment II. class with extension to examination according to EU 1178/2011 Part-MED.

The student holds the currently valid qualification:

PPL(A) certified for night flights, or

PPL(A), when it is necessary to have a total flight time of at least 50 hours of navigation flights in the role of pilot-in-command on airplanes or helicopters, provided that at least 10 hours are flown on airplanes.

Ability to communicate in English, evidenced by an exam in English IR, which, however, can be implemented directly with us if interested.


The process of the course

The theoretical part

At the beginning of the course it is necessary to present a certificate of successful completion of the theoretical course IR (A) / ATPL (A). The following is the segment of theoretical teaching IR (A) / ATPL (A) in an approved ATO with our lecturers. In case of interest, the theoretical part can also be completed remotely (study materials are part of the package price), provided that the practical part flies directly with us.

In the case of training taking into account the pilot's qualifications (so-called Competency Based IR), the theoretical part of IR can be completed in an abbreviated version in the range of 80 hours of teaching. The acquired qualification is full-fledged, the shortening consists mainly in reducing the requirement for flying hours from 50 to 40. Our instructor assesses your ability to perform IFR procedures and based on his own evaluation is entitled to recommend you for the exam, after which you obtain a full license. The only limitation lies in the fact that graduates of the shortened course are not entitled to flights within the HPCA (so-called High Performance Complex Aircraft) category. However, if you complete the appropriate ATPL or IR theory training, you will also receive this authorization.

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