Commercial pilot of aircraft CPL

Piloting multi-crew aircraft in classic air transport is already a good bite. But it's nothing we can't do together. You will go through the supervision of experienced experts directly in our course, goal is completing of the course for gaining CPL certification.

Price without VAT
56500,- Kč

The requirements for the student are as follows:

Age at least 18 years and possession of a valid telephone operator's license.

Currently valid Class I medical fitness assessment.

Completed theoretical knowledge course in the range of CPL or ATPL.

Valid pilot license category PPL (A) - Here it is necessary to complete a total of 150 hours of flight - of which 50 hours as commander in aircraft. Within this segment, a navigation flight must be at least 10 hours.


The process of the course

The theoretical part

The total hourly allowance of the theoretical segment is 200 hours. However, they can be part of the ATPL course theory teaching in the range of 650 hours. If you hold an IR certification, the theoretical part of the ATPL course is shortened to a total of 450 hours of instruction.

Practical part

A total of 25 hours must be flown in the aviation practice section of this course. 20 hours of flight is realized on the Cessna 150 aircraft and 5 hours on the C172 RG aircraft. However, if you already have an IR license, you only need to fly for 15 hours. The ratio is adequate, ie 10 hours for Cesna 150 and 5 hours for C172 RG.




Our Team

We are united together mainly by years of experience, but also by the fact that we still enjoy flying immensely. We are professionals for whom flying is also a hobby. We measure our experience not only by the number of hours flown, but mainly by the ability to provide you with all the information and tips we have about aircraft and flying. In the beginning, everyone needs a helping hand. And that's why we're here.