LAPL light aircraft pilot

The LAPL license is intended for recreational pilots who do not plan business activities. It entitles the holder to fly a maximum of four seats with a maximum weight of 2000 kg. The license is only linked to the specific type of aircraft on which the training and final tests were performed. However, it is not a problem to provide retraining for another type of aircraft from our fleet and thus expand your options.

Price without VAT
99990,- Kč

The requirements for the student are as follows:

Age at least 16 years (for applicants under 18 years of age, the consent of a legal representative is required).

Currently valid medical fitness assessment II. class with extension to examination according to EU 2019/27 Part-MED

Radiotelephone operator's card, which you can also obtain as part of a theoretical course (you will need it from your first solo flight).


Průběh kurzu

The process of the course


The theoretical part



The implementation of the theoretical part of the course includes lectures with consultations directly in our background at the airport in Líně (LKLN) and a part with independent study. The following areas are discussed within this segment:

Air Law and ATC Act


Flight Performance and Planing

Human Performance

Principles of flight:Aircraft

Basic Knowlege of Aircraft


Operational Procedures

General Navigation


Practical part


In addition to theory, you need to really fell and try everything. We will walk you through this process in the following steps:


Familiarization Flight

Training flight for familiarization with the effects controls

Training flights to practice straight and level flight, climbs, descents and turns

Training flights to practice slow flight, min. safe speed, stall, stall and spin prevention



Training flights to practice:

Takeoff and climb

Circling flight

Approach and landing

Takeoff and landing with crosswind

Maximum performance takeoff

Short field landing

Correction of defective landings

Emergency and special procedures on the circle

Exemination before the first solo flight

First solo circuit flight

Solo and control circuit flights

Training flights to practice flights (step turns up to 45°, stall and stall preventions in turns)

Training flights to practice Emergency landings

Training flights to practice Safety landings

Training flights for instrument flight training

Navigation flights

Examination before first solo cross-country navigation flight

Navigation flights and cross-country navigation navigation in controlled areas (CTR), arrivals, departures and crossing controlled airports

Our Team

We are united together mainly by years of experience, but also by the fact that we still enjoy flying immensely. We are professionals for whom flying is also a hobby. We measure our experience not only by the number of hours flown, but mainly by the ability to provide you with all the information and tips we have about aircraft and flying. In the beginning, everyone needs a helping hand. And that's why we're here.